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Extend Your GEME Product Warranty

Extended Warranty

The following contract conditions apply

GEME Warranty Extend

Duration and start of the warranty

  • ROKH SRL offers a warranty period of 1 year from the date of purchase of the equipment. By extending the warranty period, ROKH SRL will cover the cost of repairs for an additional one or two years immediately after the warranty period has expired. The expiration date is indicated on the front of the warranty document.
  • The one-year warranty extension contract is automatically extended for 12 months to 3 years from the date of purchase of the equipment. Thereafter the contract is automatically canceled. It can also be canceled in writing up to one month before the end of the annual coverage period from the first day of validity/renewal. The automatic extension takes effect when the customer pays the invoice received at the start of the extension within the specified payment period.
  • Existing 1-year warranty extensions may be extended for a maximum of 3 years within their warranty period.
  • ROKH SRL has the right to adjust prices at any time. When purchasing an extended warranty, the price in effect at the time the contract is signed shall apply. The change in price for a one-year warranty extension may be indicated on the annual invoice. No prior written information will be provided. If the invoice is paid within the payment period, it is assumed that the price change has been accepted. If payment is refused, the warranty period will not be extended.

    All prices are inclusive of statutory VAT.

  • Policy documents will be provided via e-mail.
  • Equipment repairs or spare parts supply do not extend the contract period.


  • The appliances are purchased from authorized specialist retailers or directly from the ROKH SRL online store in EU countries, UK, Switzerland, Norway or USA.
  • At the time of purchase of the extended warranty, the equipment is located in the country specified above.
  • The policy document is valid for one specific ROKH SRL appliance in each case and is not transferable.
  • If the equipment changes ownership or the owner moves to another address, ROKH SRL must be notified in order for the policy document to remain valid.
  • The policy document must be registered and signed within the 1-year warranty period of the equipment. A one-year warranty extension may also be obtained directly after a service visit by a ROKH SRL technician for appliances up to 3 years old.
  • Service under the extended warranty will only be available in the EU, UK, Switzerland, Norway, and USA.
  • Service under the extended warranty may only be performed by ROKH SRL Customer Service or by a ROKH SRL authorized service agent, available at info@geme.bio contract to ROKH SRL Customer Service.
  • If requested by ROKH SRL, the purchase receipt and policy documents must be presented.
  • If the Customer is not entitled to make a claim under the extended warranty, the cost of repairs and other services provided (e.g. equipment inspection) will be charged according to the current rates.
  • Equipment with policy documentation is for non-commercial use only.


  • Defects in the equipment will be repaired within a reasonable time and free of charge by means of repair or replacement of the relevant parts. All travel, intervention, labor, and spare parts costs will be borne by ROKH SRL. The replaced parts or appliances become the property of ROKH SRL.
  • If the equipment cannot be economically repaired or is beyond repair, the customer will receive a new identical or equivalent device. In the case of replacement equipment, communication (connection) with other equipment and existing home systems cannot be guaranteed. The current market value of the equipment may also be refunded upon request. If ROKH SRL reimburses the current market value of the appliance, the policy document will become invalid. If the appliance is replaced, the remaining warranty period provided by the policy document will be transferred to the new appliance.
  • The extended warranty does not cover other claims for damages against ROKH SRL, except for liability due to gross or willful negligence of ROKH SRL's authorized technical service agents or due to fatal injury, personal injury or damage to the appliance Health.
  • The supply of consumables and accessories is not covered by this contract.


Warranty extensions do not cover the cost of repair if the defect is caused by

  • Improper installation, such as failure to comply with applicable safety rules and written instructions for use and installation.
  • Improper use and handling, such as the use of unsuitable cleaning agents or chemicals and damage caused by absorption of liquids, dust, or toner.
  • Equipment purchased in other EU member states, the UK, Switzerland, Norway or the USA may not work or may be restricted in use due to different technical specifications.
  • External factors such as shipping damage, shocks and bumps, harsh environmental conditions or natural phenomena.
  • Repairs or modifications not performed by a ROKH SRL trained and authorized service agent.
  • Damage caused by non-standard parts and failure to use original ROKH SRL spare parts or ROKH SRL authorized parts.
  • Broken housings and defective bulbs.
  • Fluctuations in power conditions exceeding the tolerances given by the manufacturer.
  • Non-compliance with cleaning and maintenance instructions.
  • Natural and use-related wear and tear which, according to the user manual, must be replaced periodically during the life of the product.

Data protection

As part of its customer service performance, ROKH SRL collects and processes personal data. For more information on the processing of your personal data, please refer to our privacy statement at the following address: Privacy Policy.

Right of Revocation

You have the right to withdraw from this contract within 30 days without having to justify your decision. See the terms of returns for details.

If you request to begin providing services during the returns period, you must pay us an amount proportional to the amount provided based on the total coverage under the contract before you can notify us of your withdrawal from this contract.