Highlights of Content

  1. 1. How to unbox and setup
  2. 2. Cautions & Notice
  3. 3. How to Activate GEME-Kobold
  4. 4. Daily Usage Demo
  5. 5. By-Product(Compost) Usage
  6. 6. How to Make Your GEME Steady
  7. 7. Control Panel Usage and troubleshooting
  8. 8. How to Change the UV lamp
  9. 9. What can be put into GEME, what can not
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User Manual´╝ü

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This video guides you how to unbox GEME package and basic setup


GEME composter using caution, just a little attention needs to be paid.

Activate Microbiota

1. Put GEME-kobold in the container; 2. Pour 800ml water; 3. Wait 6+ hours

Daily Usage

Using GEME daily is as simple as regular trash bins, nothing to explain

By-Product(Compost) Usage

Take out the by-product and mix with soil, then go ahead and nourish your plants

How to Make Steady

Lift GEME a little bit and screw one of the feet to make it steady

Control Panel Usage & Troubleshooting

Usually no need to care about the indicator and buttons, just in case something happen, this video can help

How to Change UV Lamp

GEME uses a UV lamp to sanitize, it can work for 15,000+ hours. However, you can change it if it is broken.

Can & Can Not

Up to 90% bio-waste can be put into GEME. However, there are some waste GEME is not good at handling them.

Daily Usage

No need to push any buttons, no need to adjust the carbon-nitrogen ratio of the compost, no need to turn the compost, no need to replace the filter. Put your waste in at anytime, pick the compost out at any time you want. Nothing special.

Don't put those items into GEME

GEME is only suitable for treatment of most bio-waste


Big bones hurt the shaft unless smash them


They will hurt the machine unless broken them

Fruit Stems

Long fiber hurts the shaft, unless cut it short

Paper and Tissue

Paper or tissue is not suitable, they are not green waste


It contains non-biowaste, which might not good for plants


GEME doesn't smoke, it could be harmful for plants


It is not bio-waste, just put them in another trash bin


They are hard to compost, by nature they are anti composting