Food Waste to Organic Compost Made Easy

GEME is the world's first microbe-based electric kitchen composter. It solves your daily food waste problem in a revolutionary way. Environmental friendliness in action, not just a slogan.

Real compost, not dehydrated waste

GEME and GEME-Kobold, that is the perfect combination of technology and natural power.

GEME provides the right temperature, humidity and plenty of air for the change, GEME-Kobold multiplies and decomposes and finally turns biowaste into 5% dry organic compost and 95% clean air.

The content of proteins and beneficial microorganisms is much higher than natural compost.

It is not dehydrated waste produced by shredding and drying at high temperatures. It is real highly active organic compost.

Decompose food waste in 6-8 hours

Most of the daily food waste can be broken down within a day. In nature, this process usually takes months.

It is the best humic acid conditioner for soil and is very different from the dried food waste produced by most other dehydrators, also called composters.

Powered by Bio-Technology

Our microbiology team has tested the technology on a large scale over the past 50 years in the treatment of biowaste, soil and polluted water. The technology has also been used in the Mars habitation program. Now it's making its way into the home in the form of the GEME Kobold.

Our engineering team has many years of experience in the design and manufacture of trash compactors. Now they have developed the GEME.

GEME and GEME Kobold together make the magic of fast composting possible.

Join the food waste revolution

Say goodbye to food waste and hello to a greener planet. With GEME electric food composter, reducing your environmental impact has never been easier. Upgrade your trash bin and start making a difference.

GEME's green footprints in the world.

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