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World's First Bio Waste Composter

Meet GEME, the modern electric home composter
Turn your daily food waste into organic compost
Less landfill, more gardening.

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Still Get Terrible Experience of Food Waste?

Food scraps can be messy and nasty.
It creates smell, attracts noisy flies, annoying raccoons.
Your garbage disposal is clogged, kitchen gets wet and dirty?
60% food waste goes to landfill eventually.
You can stop it.

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Food Waste to Plant Feed Magic Trash Bin

put food waste in GEME composter

Throw all kinds of waste
Add food waste anytime

wait food waste composting when GEME is running

Composting continuously
Waste get reduced in a box

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Turn waste into compost
Just take out easily and use

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Free and good gardening soil
Feed and grow your plant

Stop Landfilling
Start Composting

GEME helps every family eliminate daily food waste, create nourished soil, build a healthy garden, reduce carbon footprint, and avoid landfilling and incineration.

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Compost New Life for Waste

You can reduce 100kg to 300kg CO2 emissions. If you recycle all your food waste via composting.

Make Good Soil

Make Good Soil

Compost can nourish garden soil, let plants grow bigger.

Prevent Water Lost

Prevent Water Lost

Compost can absorb water, let your seeds grow better.

Fight Climate Change

Fight Climate Change

Compost can reduce landfill, let our plannet turn greener.

Waste Reborn Life Continue!

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The Easiest Way to Get Compost


no slow waiting time
easy maintenance


no mess and smell
clean and odorless


no need to turn over
work in any weather

Real Compost
Not Dehydrated Waste

Keep in mind that most other "composters" are actually dehydrators;
they simply cook and dry the food into pieces that look like soil.
In contrast, GEME uses microbe bio-technology to enhance natural aerobic fermentation, making it a genuine composting process.

the man get compost from GEME

Powered by BioTech
and Modern Manufacture

Our science team has tested this technology extensively over the past 50 years in treating biowaste, soil, and polluted water. They have refined the core technology, leading to the creation of GEME Kobold.

Our engineering team possesses extensive experience in designing and manufacturing trash compactors. They have recently developed the GEME Composter.

GEME Kobold and GEME Composter ignite a revolution.

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Turn Food Scraps into Organic Compost

GEME Kobold is a microorganism reproducing when well fed.
It breaks down your food waste, no matter how salty or acidic.
The result? Ready-to-use, homemade organic compost for plants.

food waste picture
food waste picture
food waste picture

Only 3 steps make it the easiest way to fight with climate changing.

What Real Users Say

Forget paid reviews flooding the web. Listen to real people dish the dirt, good and bad - the unfiltered truth you need.

I REALLY love this product. We have used it a lot and look forward to seeing the garden this year, which we have supplemented with Geme compost!

We have order a second one. Our family cannot live without this machine

This method is amazing. I used to have an outdoor compost. This is such a great upgrade.

We have used the compost now to fertilize our fruit plants and trees earlier this season, and there was definitely an explosion of growth after that.

I never imagined anything could break down the matter so quickly. And all of those conerns about "smelly"? I have no such problem

Yesterday I put mozzarrella balls and shredded carrots and eggshells - gone like magic

I am very impressed with the efficiency of the composter and have been telling / showing it to many people.

this composter has changed my kitchen habits for the better.

I was very surprised to see the waste from dinner was almost completely composted by this morning.

I bought the Geme composter on Amazon to replace my two Reencles. It can handle maybe 2kg comfortably.

En passant, je suis très satisfait du GEME.

I am living in the US and really like my GEME. I would love to order another on for my sister in Australia.

GEME's Green Footprints in the World

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