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Food Waste to Organic Compost Makes Easy

GEME solves your daily food waste problem with cutting-edge biotechnology, and it produces gardening fertilizer for your house plants. Give a try for the new lifestyle?

Real compost, not dehydrated waste

GEME and GEME-Kobold, are the perfect combination of technology and natural power.

GEME provides the right temperature, humidity, and plenty of air for the change, GEME-Kobold multiply and decompose, eventually transforming bio-waste into 5% dry organic compost and 95% clean air.

The content of protein and beneficial microorganisms were tested to be much higher than that of natural compost.

This is not burnt waste formed by grinding and high temperature dehydrating. This is true high activity organic compost.

Daily food waste to dirt in 6-8 hours

We know 6-8 hours of composting is unbelievable, but it is true!

Saving time, effort, and money for your bio-waste treatment and gardening fertilizer. Pure organic compost makes you enjoy healthier plants and more delicious fruits.

Powered by Bio-Technology

Our microbiology team has proven the technology in bio-waste treatment, soil treatment and polluted water curing projects in the last 50+ years. The technology has also been adopted by the Mars habitation program. Now it comes as GEME-Kobold entering the home life of ordinary residents.

Our engineering team also has solid design and manufacturing experience in the trash-compactor industry. Now they design and manufactured the GEME.

GEME and GEME-Kobold together make the fast composting magic possible.

Join the movement

A totally revolutionary solution to solve the world's food waste problem that each of us can contribute easily without extra effort. Reduce carbon footprint in daily life, just put the trash into GEME anytime.

GEME in the Media


“GEME has already become an important part of our pantry. Not only does it turn food waste into fertilizer in just hours, but it also does it without making any unpleasant odor or heat.”


“To me, the description of this project and technology behind it are worth believing.”

Koichiro Yoshimoto

“Not everyone has a yard. Not everyone wants to care for worms. This is a fantastic option for those who want low maintenance, yard-less, worm-less, on demand compost that also happens to look good in the kitchen.”


Change the trash bin, Change the world

Compost your food waste within a box without throwing

Empty trash bin with bio-tech magic

Shorten the recycling path within your house plants

Reduce your carbon footprint

Think different how your carbon footprint gets reduced

Think different how carbon footprint get reduced

Save the environment easily and daily, not in the slogan

Save environment easily and daily, not in slogan

GEME as smart kitchenware

GEME as your gardening mate

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