Less Waste, More Green

ROKH's Path to a Sustainable Future

At ROKH, we share a unified vision: to transform waste into a resource and create a world where nature thrives alongside human progress. Our passion for scientific innovation drives us to have a positive impact on the world. By commercializing our groundbreaking biotechnology solutions, we turn research into tangible benefits that enhance human well-being and address global challenges.
  • Our team consists of:
  • Experienced Professionals: With over 20 years in solid waste resource treatment, we bring deep expertise to our work.
  • Dedicated Scientists: Our microbiologists and agronomists continuously explore new ways to harness nature for sustainable waste management.
  • Dreamers and Doers: We are committed to turning our vision into reality, one innovative solution at a time.

Our Mission

All Things Live Forever and in Harmony with Earth

Food waste is one of the world's biggest challenges, and we can help solve it together with you. But it's not just food waste—animal feces, and all biodegradable waste can be effectively decomposed.
By combining biotechnology with modern manufacturing, GEME offers a solution for better waste recycling: Reduce & Recycle in place.
Similar to the cache concept in computer networks, the most efficient way to manage waste, especially bio-waste, is to process it where it's created, significantly shortening the recycling path.
GEME creates products to make this idea a reality. Being eco-friendly and protecting nature isn't just a slogan for us; it's actionable through every small step when we dispose of our daily waste.
GEME is more than a product; it's a technology solution.
We leverage technology to create a network linking scientist teams, distributor partners, sustainable restaurants, recycling communities, organic farms, disposal stations, waste management organizations, and individuals. Every node benefits, just like all things living in harmony on our planet.


Adopt a holistic view of environmental care. Treat bio waste not as trash, but as a resource for gardens and the planet. Understand that our actions deeply impact the Earth.


Cut down on resource use and waste. Follow sustainable practices to save resources and protect the environment. Handle waste at its source to lessen its impact.


Recycle, repurpose, and upcycle materials. Turn different types of waste into useful resources, extending their life and reducing the need for new materials.


Protect and revive natural ecosystems. Improve soil health, clean pollution, and repair damaged environments to ensure our planet's well-being.

Our People

Pioneering Minds, Passionate Hearts

Visionaries: Our visionary leaders set the direction, inspiring us to think beyond the ordinary and challenge conventional approaches to waste management.
Scientists: Our brilliant scientists are at the forefront of research, constantly exploring new ways to harness the power of nature for sustainable waste solutions.
Engineers: Our skilled engineers bring ideas to life, transforming innovative concepts into tangible solutions that make a real difference in the world.
Collaborators: We foster a spirit of collaboration, encouraging open communication and the exchange of ideas across all levels of the organization.

Our Values

Take the Road Less Traveled

We base our actions on truth and first principles. With a clear goal in sight, we dream ambitiously but take calculated steps to achieve it.
Be World-class
We set the highest standards, relentlessly pursuing excellence in all aspects of our work, with sustainability at its core.
Open and Cooperative
Fostering open dialogue and collaboration to find collective solutions. Building strong partnerships with individuals,organizations, and communities.
Always Learning
Embracing cutting-edge research to tackle environmental challenges.Continuously innovating and refining our solutions to achieve optimal results.
Be Supportive
Cultivate a supportive environment where individuals feel empowered,valued, and encouraged to reach their full potential.
Facts and Solution
Crafting effective solutions not swayed by assumptions or biases but by experiment result and data; we let the data guide our path.
Take Responsibility
Ensuring our commitments, our work aligns with our values and ethical principles. Sharing our expertise and knowledge to empower communities worldwide.

Our Milestones

Solid Foundations, Step by Step

Driven by passion and a shared commitment to excellence, we move swiftly through our development process.
July 2022
Kickstarter Campaign
Got support from backers over 22 countries world wide.
Mar 2023
Enter US Marketing
Started selling in US, Authorized Amazon store launched.
Jun 2023
Sale in Europe
First batch machines landing in Europe, local warehouse setup.
Jan 2024
GEME I Model Upgrade
Hardware upgrade after 1 year customer feedback, quieter and robuster.
Sep/Oct 2024
Smarter, more convenient, and more affordable.
GEME Networking
Connecting communities, farms, and waste solutions for sustainability.

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