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ROKH is committed to providing you with waste collection and treatment system solutions and high-quality waste collection and treatment equipment.

ROKH combines the use of smart devices with natural microorganisms to blend modern technology into the natural cycle of the laws of life, reducing the damage to nature and easing the burden on the earth.

ROKH will use the amazing microbiota found in nature to improve and treat polluted water and soil, compensate for the damage done to nature, and heal our wounded earth.

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About Resource Recycling Technology
A background picture expressing the beautiful dream of green nature

Our Dreams

All Things Live Forever and In Harmony with The Earth

Dreams do not always belong to a few, innovations do not rise from the ground, nor is the desire to follow the laws of nature and" ALL THINGS LIVE FOREVER AND IN HARMONY WITH THE EARTH" a slogan written on a placard by environmentalists. Embracing the dream and innovating to achieve the good intentions of all mankind is the motivation for the GEME team members to start acting immediately.

We are a group of "young people" who share a common dream. We are a team of project managers, engineering designers, microbiological scientists and natural agronomists who have been working in the field of waste treatment for more than 20 years, with the dream of "becoming a doctor of the earth" and constantly exploring and practicing.

We combine advanced AI technology to design equipment with simple operation, comprehensive function and low cost; we apply the microorganisms extracted from nature to the treatment of biological waste to make everything circulate in an orderly manner in accordance with the laws of nature; and we apply the natural farming method that has been continuously improved in practice for more than 50 years to the cultivation of crops, so that organic food no longer belongs to a specific group of people, but by you to grow and produce in your balcony and backyard.

In the future, we will continue to promote the proven microbial treatment technology to restore the consolidated soil's vitality and clear the polluted river.

All this is not only our dream, but also the dream of every one of you who supports our products. Thank you for adding to environmental protection with just one small change. Thank you for working with us to protect our planet and realize our common dream.

Our Brand


In ancient Greek, "ge" means land, "meter" means mother, and GEME means mother of the earth, the only one of all the ancient Greek goddesses to show her motherly glory. She symbolizes the abundance of the earth and is the protector of food and agriculture. She is also in charge of the relationship between humans and the land.

GEME will help you to live in harmony with nature in an eco-friendly way by following the natural law that comes from the land and returns to the land.


Kobold (house god, gnome),an old and ugly goblin of German legend , small and wrinkled, tirelessly doing chores for the family they live in. They do not ask for much, as long as you leave some food crumbs from the table to them, if you can not even give crumbs, they will become fond of mischief.

GEME-KOBOLD is also such a group of hard-working gluttonous little guys, but he can not only eat food crumbs, but also eat all the biological waste and turn them into high-quality organic fertilizer. Not only that, but he can also rejuvenate the soil and purify the sewage. Come and meet them.

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