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30-Day Free Trial(no return shipping fee)
30-Day Free Trial(no return shipping fee)

ISO 140001 Environmental Management System Certified
ISO 140001 Environmental Management System Certified

Free Shipping in United States(except HI, PR, AK)
Free Shipping in United States(except HI, PR, AK)

ISO 45001 Health & Safety Management Systems Certified
ISO 45001 Health & Safety Management Systems Certified

1 Year Happiness Guarantee
1 Year Happiness Guarantee

ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certified
ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certified

Free Return

30 days trial

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World's First Bio Waste Composter

Use microbiota to breakdown food waste quickly, 100x faster than traditional composting, completely different than countertop dehydrating electric "composters".
Breakdown by Microbes
Not by Dehydration
Compost Pile in Box

From Waste To Wonder

Let's dive into the tiny superheroes that create a significant impact: microbes (GEME Kobold). Similar to the friendly microbes aiding digestion in your gut, with ideal conditions and regular rotation mixing, they quickly transform food scraps into organic compost.

6-8 Hours

Silent Operation

GEME Sound level around 35-45 dB, the quietest composter on the marketing.
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GEME Noise Performance
introduction waste to geme

kinds of waste

Almost All Of Waste Can Go into GEME

Keep Throwing Garbage, GEME Take Care of the Rest

🫳  Add waste at anytime
🫷  No need to push buttons
🕓  No need to wait cycles
🤗  Zero learning curve
🚮  Just like regular trash bin
GEME take care of your food waste

Innovative Microbes Based Garbage Disposal, Work Quickly & Safely

🔥  Not dehydrating, it's real composting
🚰  Not shredding, no more clogged sink
🌿  Not green washing, true eco-friendly solution
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Composting Made Easy


GEME compose
  • Real Compost
  • Aerobic Fermentation
  • Odorless & Quiet
  • Energy Saving


  • Fake Compost
  • Cook & Dry
  • Smelly & Noisy
  • Energy Costly

Compost Pile

Compost Pile
  • Wait Long Time
  • Dirty & Messy
  • Often Turn Over
  • Attract Animals
Introduction GEME Composter Super Large Volume

Big, More & Long Term

Work 7x24 But Energy Saving

  • 😄 10+ people family daily using
  • 📅 3 months no cleaning required
  • 💰 Worth the price

Imaging A Life, No Need to Throw Food Waste Any More

👪  10+ people family daily using
📅  3+ months no cleaning required
💰  Worth the price for such a big guy
🐳  19L volume, 11£/5kg daily feed capacity
🐘  45.5x32x66.5(cm) 18x12.6x26.2 (inch)
Big Size for GEME Composter

No Need to Change Filter

The world's only model that uses the most advanced industrial filter, with metal ion catalytic oxidation purification.
This technology is powerful and requires no replacement at all.
Other "composter" needs to replace filter every 3 months, large hidden cost!

👃🏻  No smell
💰  No additional hidden cost
🔨  No replace errands
GEME requires no filter replacing

No Smell Composting At Home

GEME uses industrial filters with the most advanced deodorization technology. Enjoy the high tech clean modern composting, enjoy the zero waste life style.
Get Smell before using GEME Composter
No Smell after using GEME Composter

Let's Compare

Discover what makes GEME different.


Real Compost
High active microbe accelerate composting process
No need to change filter
Zero cost, industrial grade filter, not carbon material
19L super large volume
Take months to fill up
Also pet poops & soup
Support bio waste, including cat litter and liquid waste
No need to clean
Just reduce when full, no need to empty and clean
No subscription
Price is high, but no hidden subscription cost, free trail, free return
Continuously composting
Add anytime, no need to wait cycle completed
Brand 1

Brand 1

Not real compost
Dehydrate and cook, still dry waste
Change carbon filter regularly
Up to $240/year for filter replacements
3L small volume
Limited size of food waste
Limited food scraps
Can not handle meat and soup
Empty daily
Clean up after each use
Subscription required
High hidden cost subscription trap
Cycle based manual start
Twist off lid, push button to start, wait until cycle ends
Brand 2

Brand 2

Not real compost
Dehydrate and grind, still dry waste
Carbon odor filter
$60+ for each filter replacements
6.5L volume
Tall and big, but limited capacity
Limited food scraps
Can not handle meat and soup
Empty weekly
Run and empty when get full
Subscription required
Subscription by default, trouble for cancel and return, refund is not applicable
Continuously chopping
Auto restart when you add waste, keep chopping
Brand 3

Brand 3

Real Compost
Low maintenance microbes involved
Change carbon filter regularly
Cost $35+ each replacement
6L volume
14L outer space, 6L inner volume
Food waste only
Can not handle pet poops
Clean up on demand
Empty, clean up and reset compost starter when full
Subscription offered
Looks affordable, but trouble when cancel or refund
Continuously composting
Add anytime, no need to wait cycle completed
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Meet GEME's Customer Stories

How our customers get their life changed after using GEME
Alex Egertson

Alex Egertson

Director of Sustainability

"Happy to help. Seems like a great product so far."

Alex work in Lutheran Retreats, Camps & Conferences, aka LRCC is a camp school that kids are learning and living a green life.
With GEME more children can learn composting by doing it easily in their daily lives.

Rainforest Inn

Rainforest Inn

Bill, Boss

"Looking for a clean easy composter that can be in the kitchen as our big compost bins are too far. It works very efficient. Quiet and clean."

Bill is the owner of Rainforest Inn located in Puerto Rico. He want GEME badly and even paid multiple times and extra shipping cost, just want to use GEME composter. Let's check his vlog to see how's going on.

Leonard Krasner

LAE. Angeles Delgado

Finance CEO

"I want to buy my composters ! I am ready for 2 more now. Maybe the three."

Mexican customer Angelita (contacted April) bought a unit despite our initial US-Mexico shipping hurdle. Her trucking company facilitated Texas pick-up. Loving the product, she purchased 3 more for her daughters' Christmas! Angelita even became a hero by helping us resolve a fulfillment issue for another Mexico Kickstarter campaign.

Vasil Software engineer

Vasil Borukov

Senior IT Support Engineer

"It combines everything you need for an easier worry-stress free life."

Bulgarian zero-waste advocate Vasil loves GEME for tackling food waste and reducing carbon footprint. Following GEME since its July 2022 crowdfunding campaign, he secured a €499 unit via installments and actively promoted GEME's product and vision to his network. A true sustainability champion!

What Real Users Say

You might want to click and see the detail review, to see how our customers feel about our product, you can see the real product review and our customer service as well.

I REALLY love this product. We have used it a lot and look forward to seeing the garden this year, which we have supplemented with Geme compost!

Michael R.

We have order a second one. Our family cannot live without this machine

Robert G.

This method is amazing. I used to have an outdoor compost. This is such a great upgrade.


We have used the compost now to fertilize our fruit plants and trees earlier this season, and there was definitely an explosion of growth after that.

Brian M.

I never imagined anything could break down the matter so quickly. And all of those conerns about "smelly"? I have no such problem


Yesterday I put mozzarrella balls and shredded carrots and eggshells - gone like magic


I am very impressed with the efficiency of the composter and have been telling / showing it to many people.


this composter has changed my kitchen habits for the better.

Ethel M H.

I was very surprised to see the waste from dinner was almost completely composted by this morning.

Canada Buyer

I bought the Geme composter on Amazon to replace my two Reencles. It can handle maybe 2kg comfortably.


En passant, je suis très satisfait du GEME.

Louis T.

I am living in the US and really like my GEME. I would love to order another on for my sister in Australia.

Willi S.

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