Solar Compactor

GEME Solar Compactor's solution is to use the industry's leading cloud-based waste classification collection management software, connected to the latest loT smart sensors and smart trash can technology, to provide a comprehensive smart waste management solution.

Our comprehensive product line includes:

  • Solar compactor (SolarCompactor).
  • Waste Analysis Platform (GreenCityNetworks)
Solar Compactor

GEME solar-powered trash compactor

Let the sunshine help you compress the garbage!

Let the volume of garbage be reduced by 5 times, and the cost of garbage cleaning and transportation is reduced by up to 80%

The first choice for smart cities

The GreenCityNetworks(GCN) system collects and analyzes data in real time to automatically allocate transportation frequency and plan vehicle routes. Efficient energy saving and emission reduction GEME solar-powered trash compactor

solar compactor on street

The beginning of your green city

Feature 1

Streamline operations & improve efficiency

  • Reduce collections by up to 80% on average
  • Informed decision-making and operational planning with real-time data and analytics in the GCN system, increased productivity & route efficiency
Feature 2

Beautify your city & improve the quality of life

  • Say goodbye to eliminating visible waste, windblown litter, overflows, and critter access
  • Goodbye to refuse truck traffic, noise & congestion
  • Welcome to clean streets, beautiful communities
Feature 3

Eco-friendly & Reduced Carbon Footprint

  • Reduce times of clean-up shipments
  • Reduce fuel consumption
  • Reduce emissions
  • Reduce pollution
  • Reduce carbon footprint
  • Powered by solar energy, clean power, no emissions

Product Features

Up to 5 times more waste

Powered by solar energy

Embedded central control system

Full bucket rate reminder

Safety sensors

Overall waterproof function

Input port indicator

Input port anti-pinch device

Automatic induction door opening

Wireless data transmission

GPS location tracking

Wheelie bin compatible

Product Options

feature icon1


  • 120 L / 32 gal.
    Wheelie bin compatible
  • 240 L / 64 gal.
    Wheelie bin compatible
  • 360 L / 95 gal.
    Wheelie bin compatible
feature icon2


  • Solar
    Solar power only
  • AC Plug-in
    AC power only
  • Hybrid
    Both solar and AC power
feature icon3


  • General
    Automatic induction door opening
  • Recycling
    Entrance for dropping bottles
  • Recycling
    Entrance for dropping paper

Multiple combinations

Bottle waste, Other garbage & Paper waste

Bottle waste & Other garbage

Other garbage & Paper waste