Intelligent Waste Separation Total Solution

AI Intelligent Recycling Management Platform + Big Data management System

Green City Networks

GCN Intelligent Management Terminal Platform GCN Intelligent Management APP

GreenCityNetworks (GCN) is our waste management platform and the common platform that combines all our solutions.

GCN provides a monitoring environment, smart dashboard, analysis and control center in a comprehensive and simple package.

Based on mobile internet, big data, IoT, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence, GCN can be used anywhere you have a desktop or mobile terminal with internet connection.

It gives you complete control and insight into your waste management operations and proves cost reduction benefits across all of your operational departments.

GCN Intelligent Management APP

Operation personnel can easily complete it through the Sorting Manager APP anytime and anywhere.

  • Equipment activation, inspection & Monitoring
  • Trash Removal
  • Fault Report
  • Data Acquisition & Analysis

At the same time, it integrates with other systems to obtain various kinds of waste management data reports, which can comprehensively improve the effectiveness of operation managers. Let the sunshine help you compress the garbage!

GCN Customized Development

Intelligent development of management platform/APP

Meet your individual needs for functionality
Create smooth user experience through native or HTML5 apps developed on IOS/ANDROID

Visual custom collocation

Custom templates allow you to build a personalized management platform by dragging and dropping freely

Industry Standardized Templates

Industry Standardized Templates Professional template for intelligent waste management industry, comprehensive support, safe and stable, and short delivery cycle

Powerful data analysis function

Make waste management operations more accurate

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