Use bottles to make fertilizer at home

Vivian·2 years ago

You can use cola bottles, oil blending bottles, and other small-mouth waste plastic bottles as containers, injecting fish scales, fish guts, eels, shrimp shells, and other animal offal, fermentation, maturation made of high-quality liquid quick-acting fertilizer. You can also use bad soybean-soaking compost. Bottle system organic fertilizer in the preparation should pay attention to.

① fish feet injection amount for the bottle capacity of about 1/2 a 2 / 3. And add water close to the mouth of the bottle (need to leave a certain gap).

② To reduce the odor of fertilizer fermentation can be put into a part of the orange degree at the same time, generally a 2.5-liter bottle of the blended oil can put 3 or 4 orange peels. Orange peel can be torn pieces or cut fine and put down. You can use fresh orange peel, air-dried aged orange peel is also available.

③ The bottle cover tightly must be backed up again after 2 or 3 teeth, in order to leave the air gap, otherwise easy to bottle fermentation, gas expansion out of the bottle cover, resulting in the unpleasant consequences of the overflow of odor.

④ bottle system organic fertilizer in the summer fermentation needs to have 4-5 months, generally, by about a year of maturation, its solution can be diluted with water to water flowers.

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