Quick Compost in 6-8 hours?

Vivian·2 years ago

It's not magic, it's science.

The essence of composting is a dynamic process achieved by the interaction of multiple microbial communities with very rapid community structure succession.

The initial heating and high-temperature stage can play a role in killing harmful substances such as pathogenic pathogens, insect eggs, weed seeds, etc., but the main role of microorganisms in this process also includes metabolism and reproduction, while producing a small number of metabolites, which are neither stable nor easy to be absorbed by plants; after the cooling and decomposition period in the late stage of composting, microorganisms will carry out the humification of organic matter, and in this process produce a large number of metabolites that are beneficial to plant growth and absorption. Therefore, traditional composting generally takes 4-6 months.

It is based on this that many people are full of doubts about short-term composting.

But do you know that shore-time compost is impossible?

Fermentation at a temperature of 75 to 80 ℃ for 5 hours increases microbial activity (decomposition power) by a factor of 2 for every 10 ℃ rise in temperature.

The decomposition time of the microbiota in GEME for 5 hours is equivalent to 7 days in summer in nature.

Moreover, during the warming process, GEME provides an adequate air supply and agitation, equivalent to turning in a natural compost pile, again speeding up the decomposition rate.

Unlike previous facilities that call themselves fast composters, GEME replicates the entire process of natural composting, accelerating the decomposition of bio-waste by providing a more suitable environment for the microbiota to multiply and decompose.

GEME-Kobold is the world's only proven high-temperature resistant microbial complex from nature, and it is this microbial complex that plays a key role in composting.

Therefore, GEME not only achieves short composting times, but because of GEME-Kobold, the compost has high activity and high nutritional value.

Witness the miracle moments in these no editing one shot live videos.

6.5 hours with apple, bread, mango, and pizza.

1.5 hours outside view oneshot video record

1 and half hours inside view record