6 steps to make successful composting easy

Vivian·2 years ago

Tips for Composting Success

▸ Multiple organic wastes - improve microbial nutrition by mixing multiple substrate materials.

▸ Large enough volume of waste to be processed - facilitates self-healing as well as improved sanitation.

▸ Shredded brush and pruned branches - shorten decomposition time by increasing the contact surface area for microorganisms.

▸ Regular loosening and turning of the pile - allows for adequate mixing of the various materials to improve ventilation and reduce areas of anoxia.

▸ Green waste as a structural material - coarse-grained materials create voids and improve aeration.

▸ Covering the compost pile - prevents rain from bringing excess moisture and reduces the risk of over-fertilizing the soil under the pile.

Other than that, GEME is the most convenient and fast way to compost.

GEME is a true composter that uses microbial fermentation methods to transform biological waste into organic compost quickly, odorless, and quietly. In just 6-8 hours, you can harvest highly active organic compost from your leftovers, expired food, and puppy poop. It's more convenient than regular garbage cans and easier to handle than natural composting. Click on the links below to learn more.