[Kickstarter update backup] Story Sharing: The journey to Thailand and Mysterious Shipping Route

Dear backers,

Long time no see, this is GEME update again.

We realize the last update have been quite a while, but just want to let all of you know, that our team is still working in that.

While the major regions like North America and Europe have been almost fulfilled.  And commercial online stores(Amazon US,  Amazon Europe,  Offical Website) have been actively startted for few months.  The rest of the world, we spend more effort to make it done.

Because the GEME Kobold contains bacterial, which make it a bit sensitive to the customs checking. Different countries get different policies, different logistics companies get different ways to handle that. Which makes the work much challenge.  

One of our team members, Pony, who is the hero that solve the problem to fulfill to Thailand.  When our team is struggling research over the internet and social media, he turns to his Teochew family network, and bring us a few options to choose to deliver our GEMEs to the southeast Asia sea area.

The ship to Southeast Asia

The Red Head Boat

Their shipping teams have been work dedicate to sail between the small Town to Thailand for decades, maybe centuries,  for several generations.

Problem solved like magic! Quick, easy and cheap. Our Thailand backers already received their GEMEs.

Which makes us feel like, when you doing the right thing, a lot of helps will shows up at the right time.

When we start this crow funding campaign last year, some people commented that we are yet another scam campaign.

It used to make us very sad.  Now we are confident to announce that our product and campaign are not scam. At least 90% of the perks are fulfilled.

We are a team who try our best to build a good product to the world.

We know there are still tones of problems to solve, still a very long way to go, still a winding journey to sail, we will embrace the unknown and conquer the code.


Thanks for everyone that trusts us and offers help!

If you love your GEME, please don't hesitate to give us your praise, create some reviews and share it on social media :)

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