GEME Product Warranty Information



ROKH SRL electrical appliances are manufactured to very high quality standards. Nevertheless, failures are always possible. In such cases, repairs can be carried out quickly and professionally during or after the warranty period, without affecting the service life of the equipment.

The ROKH SRL warranty conditions are established in accordance with EU Directive 99/44/EC and applicable national legislation; they do not affect in any way the rights they confer on the consumer.

Start and duration of the warranty period

  • The GEME BIO-WASTE COMPOSTER warranty period starts from the date of purchase by the consumer. The warranty period is 12 months, when and only when the warranty is used free of charge as described herein during home use.

    The 1-year warranty period is suspended during repair or replacement. At the end of this period, the consumer is not entitled to a new 1-year warranty, but the warranty period that has begun is reinstated from the time of replacement or completion of the repair.
  • For commercial equipment, the warranty period is governed by the terms of the sales contract.

Warranty Content and Coverage

ROKH SRL undertakes to repair or replace defective parts free of charge if the initial defect occurs during the warranty period or if the failure occurs during proper use.

The replaced parts remain the property of ROKH SRL. If the same defect occurs several times during the warranty period, or if the cost of repair is deemed disproportionate to the value of the equipment, a replacement of the equivalent equipment will be offered to the consumer after consultation with him. In such cases, ROKH SRL reserves the right to charge the consumer an amount based on the period of use.

Any defects must be reported immediately to avoid more serious damage.

For appliances that are difficult to transport and built-in devices, repairs will be carried out at the consumer's home. Appliances that are easily transportable will be delivered or sent to ROKH SRL's after-sales service, either directly or through a retailer.

Limitation of the guarantee

The guarantee does not apply in the following cases.

  • Minor discrepancies related to the expected quality, which do not affect the value or proper functioning of the equipment.
  • Construction or execution modifications made prior to the execution of the order that do not affect the value and good functioning of the equipment.
  • Defects due to improper assembly or installation.
  • Consequences of external factors, such as: shipping damage; non-compliant use that may damage certain sensitive components, such as synthetic parts, rubber; chemical or electrochemical reactions caused by water; weather conditions; abnormal environmental stresses.
  • Unsuitable conditions of use or operation.
  • Repairs or modifications performed by third parties not professionally qualified.
  • Missing equipment identification numbers.
  • Equipment purchased outside the European Union, Norway or Switzerland, outside the United States, which, due to its technical specifications, is unusable or to a certain extent unusable.
  • Unavoidable wear and tear due to the use of parts or natural processes, which according to the user manual must be replaced regularly, e.g. UV-UV lamps.
  • Inadequate maintenance (e.g. not putting out non-biological waste as required or overloading operation) and/or improper execution (e.g. use of aggressive cleaning products).
  • Use of non-original accessories or parts.

Additional provisions

Claims for a cancellation of the sale, loss of value, or damages are not covered, except in cases provided for by law in this field. In the case of an appeal, compensation cannot exceed the value of the equipment.

The warranty conditions apply to equipment purchased and used in Belgium. In the case of use abroad of equipment purchased in Belgium, or in the case of use in Belgium of equipment purchased abroad, the consumer shall ensure that the equipment complies with the technical conditions of the place of use (electrical indicators, electrical frequency, installation standards, climatic conditions). Defects resulting from non-compliance of the equipment with these requirements and modifications made to bring it into compliance are not covered by the warranty.

If it takes more than 30 minutes to access the equipment and return it to its original position to complete the repair, the cost incurred for the additional time will be charged. Any damage that may result from such handling is also the responsibility of the consumer.

For any dispute or disagreement, the courts of the Wallonia Region shall have jurisdiction.