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The Easiest Food Waste Composting

Looking for modern food waste management?
GEME  gives you  real compost  and sustainable life.

Turn Food Waste into Compost At Home in 3 Steps

🙅 No worms 🙅 No pile turning 🙅 No long time waiting
Just like using an ordinary trash bin

① Food Scraps In

② Wait 6 Hours+

③ Compost Out

Real composting, not dehydrated waste

Unlike other similar products that claim themselves composter, but they just dehydrate the food waste, not by composting.

GEME uses special biotechnology to turn food waste into real organic compost.

GEME uses microbes, it works more like a digestion process other than heat and dry, that's very important for a composter!

Food waste to compost in only 6-8 hours

The natual composting process usually takes months, you will be shocked on GEME's composting speed.

The how it work science detail can be found in FAQ page.

But you might want to see our lab video. It's a 7 hours long and uncut raw video, no editing, no cheating.

None of our competitors can release such videos for public checking!

Big Volume, Small Effort

1kg food waste, 0.95kg will be gone, only 50g left as activity organic compost.

This means you can keep putting your daily food waste, and it will never get full until 3-6 months later.

Same level of prices, bigger capacity, better experience.

  • No noise
  • No smell
  • No need to change filters
  • No need to push any buttons to start cycle
  • No need to wait cycle end to start again
  • No need to clean the bin
  • Add waste at any time you want

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