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With GEME, the life of Greener & Healthier waitting for you

Biological waste, especially food waste, is rich in protein components, and is a good organic fertilizer for raw materials, but they are also perishable, easy to produce, and mix a lot of pathogenic bacteria and insect eggs, weed seeds, and other harmful substances, so most of the biological waste you see will be foul smell and sewage flow.

In the circulation system under the operating condition of GM, bio-waste is fermented and dried under the action of GEME-Kobold under the condition of rapid heating to 75 ℃. As the bio-waste is exposed to aerobic high temperature, various pathogens that may exist in this environment are killed, and the harmfulness of its fermentation products has been removed.

However, under high temperatures, most microorganisms are killed like any other bacteria.

This is where GEME-Kobold, the world's only discovered and proven high-temperature resistant complex microbiome to date, stands out.

GEME-Kobold is activated and turned on for degradation at 75-80°C. While other pathogenic bacteria or microorganisms are killed by high temperatures, it becomes more active. It ensures not only the activation of organic fertilizer production but also its hygienic condition.

GEME-Kobold has been proven to be safe for use in agricultural products. The organic fertilizer produced by the recycling of biological waste using GEME-Kobold increases and activates the microorganisms in the soil under the action of a variety of microorganisms. In this way, the soil becomes an agglomerate structure, and the water permeability and ventilation of the soil become better, which promotes the growth of crops.

In addition, while absorbing nutrients, the root hairs will excrete root acid. Because root acid is eaten by GEME-Kobold, it prevents root rot and crop aging.

And then, GEME-Kobold uses the carbon dioxide and organic acids produced by fermentation to dissolve the mineral components in the soil, which plays a role in conferring mineral components on crops. Crops are grown in such a soil environment, in order to restore their original functions, kill diseases and pests in order to protect themselves, emit aromatic substances that cannot be approached, and realize production that does not rely on pesticides. So you no longer need to use herbicides and chemical fertilizers for your crops, and organic crops are produced in the most natural way and at the lowest cost.

GEME does, and the by-products from the decomposition of bio-waste by GEME-Kobold have been proven by numerous facts and scientific data to be high-quality organic fertilizers, humic acid soil conditioners, and wastewater purifiers.

So, feel free to use it to harvest your organic vegetables, fruits, and flowers. The life of Greener & Healthier waiting for you.

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