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Where can compost be used?

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Where can compost be used?
Can I use compost in all seasons?
How should compost be used?
What are the differences in the amount of compost used for different crops?
Do I need to use other fertilizer in for crops that have been used compost?
Is it necessary to sieve compost for use?
How do I use the compost made by GEME?


What kind of place can put compost?
Compost can be used in almost all plant beds and green spaces
in the garden. Because of its lime content, compost is not
suitable for acid-loving boggy plants such as rhododendrons.

Compost should not be applied only to vegetable patches as is
usually the case, but also in modest amounts to perennials,
summer flowers, fruit trees, ornamental, and lawns.

How to avoid over fertilization?
Over-application of compost can be avoided if the compost is 
applied to the entire garden area, thus avoiding to a large
extent the accumulation of nutrients in the garden soil

If a very large area of lawn is not included in the compost
application, then the possibility of over-fertilization in
other areas is greater.

What is the best season to use compost?

Compost should only be applied during the plant growing
season, which is spring and summer. Compost can be utilized
to the greatest extent possible during the major growth stages
when plants can absorb relatively large amounts of nutrients.

It is not recommended to use compost in other seasons because
plants can barely absorb nutrients outside of the growing
season. As a result, nutrients may be leached and transferred
to groundwater.

GEME composting guide

Which place of the soil should I put the compost? 
Compost should only be applied to the top layer of soil, the 
topmost layer of which contains enough oxygen to promote
further aerobic decomposition of the organic matter contained
in the compost.

The oxygen content of the deeper layers of the soil is
significantly lower. When compost is used in the deeper layers
of the soil, organic matter may decompose in the absence of
oxygen, producing substances harmful to plants.

For home potted plants, compost can be used appropriately
during the growing season according to different plant