The secret of seed germination Part 3: Ⅲ Oxygen

Vivian·2 years ago

Oxygen is an extremely important condition required for seed germination.

In seeds in storage, breathing is extremely weak, and oxygen demand is small, but when the seeds absorb water germination, respiration gradually vigorous, so the need for oxygen increased sharply.

Seed germination if no oxygen or insufficient oxygen, the seed will germinate poorly or even can not germinate.

If the seeds are not well ventilated when germinating or after sowing too thick mulch, especially too wet seedbeds, will make the seeds germinate poorly due to lack of oxygen, and even cause seed rot. If you are sowing bean vegetables or some melon vegetables, you should pay particular attention to this problem after sowing.

So, you need to provide the seeds with a soil environment that has a good mass structure and good water permeability and air permeability so that your seeds can breathe well now.

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So, what else do we have to do for these magical little guys to make them miraculously poke their little heads out of the dirt?

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